Project on Turner


Level: Upper-Intermediate                        Year: 2009

Some of the students’ essays

Light in Turner’s Works of Venice Period

Turner the Painter of Light

Turner The Image of the Sea

Turner — The New Word of Watercolor

Dear class, this is a 2-week project for you.

Your task is to do a research on a celebrated British artist Joseph Mallord William Turner.Please,  follow the steps below:

1) Go online, google for TURNER, follow  one of many links and study the artist’s biography. At this point don’t go deep into details although you should know exactly why this person is so famouse.

2) As soon as you get familiar with Turner’s bio, have a look on his paintings. Feel free to use YOUTUBE, wikipedia or any other online materials (see a list below).

3) Make a list of words related to visual arts (landscape, oils, sketch, dramatic, vivid, etc) which you’ve met in the articles. I’m sure this will be a LOOOONG list

4) Your final task is to write a paper about ONE side of Turner’s biography/work/talent/painting. At this stage, you need to be specific and you have to do a deeper research (see some links below).

a) which side of the artist’s work (his talent) has impressed you the most?

b) what do you want to advocate in your paper? (you should think of ONE sentence which will be your thesis; please, highlight it)

c) provide some reasons for your thesis

Requirements for your paper

1) the paper should start with a title

2) A thesis should be given in the first paragraph

3) No plagiarism (which means you can NOT paste and copy)

4) the paper should be no longer than 2 pages (font 12, interval 1,5)

5) the paper should contain a list of resources used during the research

6) remember, you are writing the paper for a scientific journal/intelligent audience so try to avoid spoken language and keep back your emotions.

Dates: the first draft is due Thursday, Jan 15 (hard copy)

the final draft is due Feb 1.

NB Between stages 1 and 3 you should visit Pushkin’s Fine Arts Museum and watch a collections of paintings by JMW Turner which is now in Moscow (will be available till Feb 25)

Resources to start with



videos   (also see parts 2,3,4 and 5)

 Specific resources on Turner


videos   (also see parts 2,3,4 and 5)