Group Presentation


Level: Intermediate                                                     July 2011
Topics: Contact Improvisation; Global English; Paragliding


Dear students,

I believe that group projects develop language skills greatly. That is why I want your mini-groups to write around 600 words on your topic and make a short presentation about it. You will be given 6-10 minutes of class time on August 1. Please, find the guidelines below.

1)      Think about your topic [given in class]; Google it,

  1. look through different websites (Wikipedia is a good start)
  2. Go to YouTube and search for the topic (interviews, demonstrations)
  3. Save good links and share them with your partners

2)      Talk to your group partners; brainstorm the concept and think what you want to write/talk about. Feel free to chat on skype, send text messages and e-mails. Go together through the questions:

  1. What have you found?
  2. What do you want to write about?
  3. What do you want to talk about during your presentation?
  4. Who will be writing introduction? The main part? Conclusion? Correct the mistakes?

3)      Start a Goggle Document and share it with your group partners. Start writing your part in it (and everyone will be able to see it! Amazing!). Work fast. People depend on you and you have less than 2 weeks.

4)      Start working on your Power Point presentation (can be done in Google Docs as well). I want nice slides (with pictures?), not long texts!

5)      When ready, make sure you rehearse your part. Yes, you need to show it smb else or at least have a try before (the class). You are not allowed to read at all. Sorry. Moreover, we will record the presentation on audio and video.


Every person from the group must:

  • read / watch materials online
  • take part in group discussions
  • take part in the writing
  • take part in presenting your work in class (again, no reading)

NB! do not use Russian materials when preparing for the project and do not copy and paste from online sources!

 Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be fine