A Music Podast


Level: Upper-Intermediate                        Years: 2008,  2009

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Dear all,

This time I want you to create a recording about your favorite band/singer. Be brave and follow my instructions below.

Part One

Go to Audacity website and download a voice recording program. You need the latest version and LAME MP3 encoder. Save it onto you hard drive, unpack and follow the instructions.

Using Audacity create a short recording of yourself. Tell us, was it difficult to find the program on the web? How can you make a recording? What buttons to press? Can you create a small (1-2 minutes) voice manual? Send it to me in an e-mail.

Part Two

Using Audacity record your own radio program.  Make it about your favorite musician or music style. Imagine you are a journalist and you are preparing a program for BBC. Isn’t it a good idea to make it about Russian music? Sure, I know many people who would be interested! Do whatever you want to, feel free and creative. I want from you a 15 minute program with 7 minutes of narration and 8 minutes of music (3 compositions) in between. Start with an intro “Today we will talk about DDT…” and finish up with a friendly bye-bye.

Some words about the program. It is very friendly indeed. Do not worry about Generate, Effect and Analyze sub-menus. You need Project=>New Audio Track for your recordings and Import Audio to play selected songs. You can cut tracks if you want to. Buttons solo (only this track will play) and mute (selected track will not play) are very helpful.

If you want to use a script, go ahead! Write it and read it then. Finally, you need to save your project as MP3 file.

Good Luck and see you soon!