Group Project on Video


Dear all,
I believe that collaboration and extensive research in English develops individual performance. So, get to work! All together!

You will work in groups of three or four. Each group will go through the same set tasks but input for each group will be different. An idea is to prepare a lesson based on the video you will watch. At final stage you will watch the other group’s video and your classmates will watch yours.

Make sure you know your group before you start working on the project

The tasks

(for all groups; all numbers relate to group work)

  1. Watch the video offered / discussed in class.
  2. Compose minimum twelve questions to check comprehension. Those should relate to all parts of the clip / video material and not just the beginning. Provide brief answers (for the teacher)
  3. Provide minimum 15 specific questions relating to vocabulary and idiomatic language. Give times where the answer can be found (e.g. What competition does the professor talk about in his lecture? What is it? – Super Bowl, American football championship). Provide brief answers (for the teacher)
  4. Prepare a short overview of the material seen. Everyone should give a talk of approximately 5 minutes. During the presentations feel free to use power point slides and presentation techniques. The delivery should sound semi-formal and “smart”.
  5. Deliver your presentation in class (it will be recorded!!!)
Possible topics for presentations:
  • Brief summary
  • The story of creation (“How was the video made?”)
  • Possible outcomes (“How people benefit from the video”)
  • Character analysis
  • Future prospects
Recommended time frame:
  • 1st view– 2 hours
  • 2d view and work on questions – 2,5 hours
  • Group work – 1,5 hours (total)
  • Research for presentation 1 hour
  • Presentation practice 1,5 hours

Total: 8,5 hours

Suggested Videos:

You have exactly 10 days to complete the project. Feel free to ask me questions, if any.

Good luck!