The Simpsons Project


Sample works


Dear all,

As you know, The Simpsons has been a tremendously popular TV show since 90-s as it reflects American (and probably world) culture in many ways.  Your task will be to do a research on The Simsons.

1) Part One: watching The Simpsons  (in English!!!)

Online search is a part of your task; so be brave and google!

Go online and watch an episode.  Feel free to use google videos, youtube or any other web tool. Episodes are normally about 20  minutes long and I don’t think I need to tell you that you should watch the cartoon in English.

2)  Part Two: online investigation (in English!)

Go online and read about the show. Feel free to use Wikipedia or any of the fan sites. The questions below will help you:

  • When did the show start?
  • Who started it?
  • How did characters appear?
  • Who do the characters take after?
  • Has there been  any changes in the show?

Please, read one of the summaries on The Simson Movie

3)  Watch The Simpson Movie.

Do you remember when these words were said?

4) After-movie research.

I am sure you’ll be interested to learn about the actors who work on The Simpsons. All of them gathered in a TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio and answered questions about the series and their careers.

Start with TV show 1 and TV show 2

Feel free to surf the net for the whole program (parts 3,4, and 5) and  to go further, search for “Simpson voices”.

5)  Analyzing  a character (writing)

Chose a character (Bart, Mr Burns, Flenders…) which  you like and concentrate on his/her personality (Maggie Simpson doesn’t talk much as well at Snowball and Litle Santa’s Helper; don’t choose them). What adjectives go with this individual? You want to give a detailed written description of this character, mentioning facts from the movie to support your ideas. A short description of the actor who’s speaking for the character should be included.

Write at least 500 words. Add pictures!!!