Here’s a range of seminars which I can offer:

1. Academic Writing (Crash) Course

A foundation course for researchers / people who are willing to write reports / articles in English. The course covers a good deal of academic vocabulary, abstract structure and bits of presentation skills. Timing depends on the group needs / focus.

2. Public Clicking Intensive

During the this course we go through a variety of skills which need to be practiced before giving a presentation. At final stages students’ performance is video-recorded and then analyzed.

3. One day IELTS crash course

An intensive with IELTS format presentation, strategies, diagnosis and immediate feedback (including writing and speaking)

4. A weekend crash course for body-oriented people

Body vocabulary to be used during yoga/dance seminars peppered with clear instructions. Stretch your  thigh, scratch your hip 😉

Seminars for teachers

5. Teaching with Technology
6. Methodology Weekend Course
7. Seminars for teachers
8. Body Talks — a seminar for body-oriented people (yogis, dancers, performers…)