Thematical Playlists


Level: Upper-Intermediate Year: 2013

The purpose of this project is to let you explore an area you are interested in and let people around you be inspired by the materials you present.

Step one
Choose a topic you want to explore in English. this could be something absolutely new for you (BMW management) or your professional interest. It should be narrow enough to be bearable; e.g. instead of focusing on «dogs» in general go for «dogs for self-protection» (this is a mere example)

Step two
Collect 5 to 7 web-links which represent your topic and highlight it from different perspectives. Make sure you give a good mixture of texts, video and audio. Please, read ALL pages you want to publish. this is important. the material you are sharing should be thrilling and inspiring. As you understand,  your goal is to popularize the topic of your choice.

Step three
Create an account at   and upload your links to a playlist. There are several tutorials how to do this, so be courageous and keep clicking!
As soon as you have your playlist ready, send me a link and I will put it on the web-site.

Step four (optional but recommended)
Get an account at  and create a little presentation about your initial topic. Save it to your hard drive and bring to class. Be ready to give a short talk about the subject of your little research.

Step five
You will explore of the  playlists prepared by one of your classmates. While watching, note your reflections / comments and be ready to ask questions in class during a brief discussion.



Lists below are created by students:

Nata Chalova

Anna Sorokina

Lilith Pogosyan

Tatiana Kolpakova

Artur Yunaev