My Credo in Teaching English

I believe* that teaching and learning works best in friendly and relaxed environment.

I believe that CAN DO overweighs KNOW HOW.

I believe that vocabulary and grammar are interconnected and the former dominates in communication.

I believe that a meaningful message gives more than a drill.

I believe that group work is essential.

I believe that the teacher should encourage the students to take risks and develop intrinsic motivation; however, the students need to take responsibility for their own progress.

I believe that extensive (!) use of language outside of the classroom (reading, listening, speaking, etc) leads to progress.

I believe that the art of teaching is a mixture of negotiation of meaning  in the classroom, professional training and entertainment. I hope I can keep the three ingredients in the air without dropping any of them.

Zhenya Bakin

* If by some reason you think  that «I believe» sounds too vague / pathetic, feel free to substitute it with «I know» and drop me a line. I will provide you with necessary references (research papers and books in the field of TESOL) asap