Methodology Weekend for Teachers


Dear friend and colleague,                                           


I have eventually prepared a program for a two-day teacher-training workshop. My goals are easy to see and hard to reach. Firstly, I want to share sequences of teaching methods/strategies which are usually taught at Cambridge CELTA. Secondly,  and most importantly, I am willing to practice these teaching skills with trainees.  Evidently, it is not possible to go through all aspects of  TESOL (I’m just wondering who would dare) but this Methodology Weekend is a perfect opportunity to learn and practice new techniques, get feedback from colleagues, and, of course, make your teaching better.

Who for

The course targets enthusiastic and open-minded teachers of English of different levels with classroom experience. We will not touch young learners, exams or one-to-one tutoring, however, most of the strategies introduced during the course are applicable to the spheres mentioned above.

Course plan

pre-course reading (up to 50 pages)

Saturday 11 am — 6 pm with an hour lunch break (input focus is subject to change)

  • classroom management
  • presenting vocabulary
  • presenting grammar
  • practicing new language

Saturday night homework

Sunday 11 am — 6 pm with an hour lunch break (input focus is subject to change)

  • monitoring and assessing learning
  • lesson planning: design and staging
  • presenting language through text
  • developing speaking skills
When and where?

Spring 2013;
timing, location and price depend on the group

What’s the damage? (subject to change, both ways, depending on the group )
  • early bird (3 weeks before the event): 6000 roubles (2 days, 16+ academic hours; 8 sessions)
  • at the door: 8000 roubles

To show your interest, please, fill out our REGISTRATION FORM, and we will contact  you as soon as possible.

Keep practicing!

Zhenya Bakin