Below you will find some excerpts from emails I have been receiving from my EXAM students (with their exam scores). During my general English classes  (as well as Academic Writing Sessions at HSE) I tend to rely on oral feedback so no track of comments on my teaching  (apart from some lines in my heart) can be restored.

You can always go to my previous web-page to read some feedback on TOEFL

    Here are some blurbs:

Sergey Solntsev: Winter 2012-13
Что понравилось? Юмор, структура курса, хороший и близкий уровень владения англ. слушателями. Наличие разнообразных активностей (reading, writing, speaking, watching, presenting etc). Много разговорной практики в классах.
Елена Шерстобоева: Winter 2012/13
Я с удовольствием ходила на занятия, и даже дополнительно сходила на proofreading заявления на зарубежную стажировку. Особо выделить что-то сложно, хотя в качестве «фишки» курса я бы выделила привлечение дополнительных ресурсов для тренировки: quizlet.com, COCA, ted.com и пр.
Irina: Spring 2010
Уважаемый  IRINA
Ваш результат экзамена IELTS
Listening:  7.0 (it was extremely difficult, I didn’t catch the majority of words and expected 5.5, about 80% of answers was with spelling)
Reading:  8.5
Writing:  6.5 (+1 from first exam)
Speaking: 8.0 (+ 1,5 from first exam)
Overall: 7.5

Dear Zhenya,

Unfortunately, I can’t say that this exam was the most pleasant experience in my life but your classes gave me a lot of inspiration for my English language skills growth (and confirmed by results).

You speak like natives; you are insistent like «old-good» Russian teachers; you are enthusiastic like expensive business trainers.

I was also very impressed by your holistic approach to teaching as a process, including its psychological and technological aspects. It was so interesting for me because couching of younger colleagues is a big part of my job and, by the way, my work performance is partially assessed by my capability to pass the knowledge and professional skills to other people. (My goodness, I am always so formal!:-))

Actually, I laughed a lot when I saw a feedback in Internet from one of your students about TOEFL classes: «You are a happy man because you made us happy».
I couldn’t even guess that during group lessons they fill such extent of pleasure:-). I am just kidding; of course, I understand that they are so happy because after TOEFL exam the gate to Wonderful Western World is now open for them.

Seriously, if you need any kind of support from my side (e.g. feedback or recommendation to other students or to a language school; advice about learning French :-)) please don’t hesitate to contact me in any of three available languages. You can also use me as «a case of results» after 16 academic hours of classes.

Involuntary, you had to hear a lot about my strange hobbies. If you became interested in some of them please fill free to join me any time!!!

Thank you a lot and good luck!

Alexander Foteev; winter 2010
Hello, Zhenja,
I’ve just seen my IELTS results on http://www.ielts.su/exam/. Here they are:
Listening:      7.5
Reading:        8.5
Writing:        7
Speaking:       7
Total:          7.5
I also want to give you a kind of a feedback summary (all the points in this summary were mentioned during our last class, but here are more developed descriptions for them):
1. Generally, the classes were good: they’ve helped me (and I suppose, that not only me 😉 ) to pass exam successfully and also refreshed my language knowledge.
2. It will be good to involve skype in teaching process (for example, in order to practice speaking part). It is not much worser than face-to-face examination, but consumes much less time (you just need to turn on your PC without going anywhere).
3. The other thing that will have a positive impact on students’ results is encouraging them to use sample IELTS blanks while taking mock exams. They would be able to estimate, how much they should write in writing I and II not by word/line counting but by looking at how many pages they’ve written; it will also help them to take the time needed for transferring answers in the reading section to blanks into consideration.
4. And, of course, don’t stop replacing silence with some background music ;).

Best regards,
Alexander Foteev.

Olga; winter 2010
Dear Zhenya,
I have a great piece of news for you! I have passed IELTS on 6.5 and it`s enough.I phoned in Educational World and they told me that if I wanna study in Australia I need only 6. I am so happy! Now I must get a school certificate with excellent and good marks and decice which profession I`m going to study.
I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to you!!! You helped me to open the way to the future! You taugh me how to describe the graphs and diagrams and moreover you taught me to do the listening test and to write all the answers from the first time. You know that before our lessons I did it badly. As a result, I didn`t have any problems during taking IELTS.
Listening 6.5
Reading   6
Writing   6.5
Speaking   6 =(

Thanks to you I passed IELTS. The lessons with you were really exciting and pleasurable!
Best wishes,

Anna Smirnova; summer 2010
Hi, Zhenya!

This is Anna, one of students of Intensive Academic Preparation for IELTS! :)
I got 6.5 and I’m happy, cause it’s enough for my chosen course in London!
Many thanks for teaching us and getting fun! :))

Anna Sidorova; May 2010
Hey, Zhenya!

How is it going?
Just letting you know my IELTS results. well, of course i screwed up the writing part =( which means i’m still bad at a smart-style writing. really need to work on it. but all the other skills are alright.
Listening 8.0
Reading   8.0
Writing   6.5
Speaking  7.5
Overall band score 7.5

Anyways, it’s more than i needed, so i am quite excited! =)
And i really want to thank you for your nice classes! =) it was fun!
Take care!
Anna Sidorova

Olga Shkarbun
Dear Zhenya,

Sorry for taking so long to write to you. I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help because I’ve passed the exam with the overall score 6.5 which is enough for me to apply for the college in Canada.

I know I could do better, but I made some mistakes in writing and speaking. What was surprising for me that I had 6.5 in Reading, in which I was the worst=).

Anyway, I’m happy=)

Wish you a good summer!!!

One more time thank you!!!

Olga Shkarbun