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Ноя 232012

  1. «Upgrade» your essay (and put it in comments or send by mail)
  2. Vocab pages (health and clip-clop)
  3. WB pp 22-23 (Grammar)
  4. Book (article) review. Simply prepare (! not improvise) a short talk on the text you’ve recently read. Be ready to   present in class.
Ноя 152012

Please, do you home work!

  1. Vocab hand out  (onomatopoeic words)
  2. Quizlet Learn Disease vocab (make sure you knowhow to read the words) and refresh «clip-clop» vocab (svoky, our group is T-TR forever)
  3. WB Vocabulary Unit 4 #1,2,3
  4. Writing: A «Road Map» for an  Adventure Trip to …  (Give your expert opinion on food, clothing and fundraising  based on class vocab).
  5. (Extra) Watch a movie about climbers Touching the Void online
  6. Still waiting for several more essays on The Simpsons


Ноя 122012


  1. WB p 25 #6
  2. Quizlet group  Simply JOIN and you’ll be able to work with card sets (this is for Marina, Tanya, Sveta, JS and Lilith). Again, you need to join «the class» (my class)
  3. Vocab from SB p 40
  4. Hand-outs from the lesson
  5.  Essay!!
Ноя 022012

Write an essay about the Simpsons phenomenon.

Before you actually start writing, please, do your research and watch several episodes.

Make sure:

  • You have a clear idea (Thesis sentence)
  • You give reasons and specific examples to support the thesis.
  • Plan well and have nice paragraphing.

You should write about 500 words.

You will find slightly different task here

Окт 262012


  1. Conditionals WB p 17 and/or here
  2. Writing WB p 21 — put it in comments
  3. The Simpsons — watch the interview. Prepare a short talk about one of the characters! Bring pictures!
  4. We are writing a test on Thursday ;-(

We will NOT have classes on November 6 and 8. Autumn recess time!

Окт 242012

Hey gang!

  • Learn the words to talk about money (Marina, sorry)
  • Do WB p 20 (reading)
  • Watch the interview from last class (The Simpsons Voices)
  • Do a small research about one of the Simpsons character (Mr Burns, Fat Tony, Homer, Lisa, Flanders…) and be ready to talk about it! (wikipedia is a good start but go beyond)
  • We’ll have a TEST next week!!! Units 1 through 3. Vocab and grammar!!
  • Next portion of writing will come on Thursday  ))) Get ready! Do you HW!


Окт 172012

Dear all,

  • Do your WB vocabulary from unit 3 (pp 18 and 19, I think). Don’t forget to learn words from our class session.
  • Get ready with your presentations based on Ted.com or any reading in English. Here’s your presentation vocab handout
  • Keep reading your books and listening to the audiobooks I gave you!

Plus, start working on The Simpsons Project (see below)

  1. Do you know the Simpsons family? Please watch one episode in English  (wtso.net  no subtitles, sorry). Feel free to choose any but «Treehouse of Horror» series are short and relatively easy to understand  (for example, this one).
  2. Now, I am sure you’ll be interested to learn about the actors who work on The Simpsons. All of them gathered in a TV show Inside the Actor’s Studio and answered questions about the famous series and their careers.Take notes!
  3. Prepare a short talk on a series character based on what you have seen.


Окт 172012

Hey hey!
Here’s your HW

  1. Reading section from WB Unit 3
  2. Vocab from SB p 24
  3. Prepare a 3-minute talk (and I mean PREPARE it with new vocab, good structure, etc), and be ready to give a public (!) speech. Any source (TED.com,  the Internet, etc)
  4. Keep reading books and listening to audiobooks